Welcome to Mira-Can Sales & Marketing Ltd.,
a proud distributor of U-Maek Dispenser and Select Smart products.

Mira-Can supplies quality stainless steel tissue dispensers, and innovative soap dispensers, hand soap, and hand dryers. These innovative products are designed to have minimal environmental impacts that reduce packaging and waste, energy consumption, warehouse space, and transportation costs! We pride ourselves on great customer service while providing quality products at competitive prices.

Tissue Dispensers

Choose quality stainless steel construction, with twin or single dispensing options for jumbo roll tissue:

7.5″ Twin Dispenser
9″ Twin Dispenser
9″ Dispenser
12″ Dispenser

Soap Systems

Our easy to fill and refill Soap Dispensers pair with Select Smart Hand Soap. Choose from a standard or automatic soap dispenser. The automatic Soap Dispenser releases 0.7 mL of luxurious foaming hand soap with each wave of the hand. Both Soap Dispensers are equipped with a long-life foam pump that ensures reliable delivery of our foaming soap, time after time.

Select Smart Pack

Hand Soap

Our fragrance free, concentrated foaming hand soap is made from an exclusive blend of moisturizing extracts that is environmentally conscious and economical. This luxurious hand soap is concentrated and requires about 800-1000 ml of water for best results. It helps nourish and soften skin, and comes in a convenient 2” x 4”, 30 ml pack that is compact and practical.

Hand Dryers

Choose from white enamel or stainless steel for a high quality, energy efficient and quiet hand dryer. Our low profile hand dryers have a fast drying time of only 10-15 seconds, and come with multiple safety protections.

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