Our Mission

To provide our customers with the highest quality hygiene products, while providing excellent quality service, and earning the reputation of being an easy company to do business with.


U-Maek Dispensers, a Division of Mira-Can Sales & Marketing Ltd, have been in the dispenser business supplying quality stainless steel tissue and towel dispensers, innovative soap dispensers and soap systems, hand dryers, electronic faucets and toilet and urinal flush systems and other restroom fixtures for over 25 years. Our products are sourced directly from ISO certified UL approved manufacturing plants. We warehouse all items we carry and will drop ship directly to your customers or ship direct to your warehouse. Our customers include major paper companies, paper converters, distributors, end users and division 10.

U-Maek offer quality products at very competitive prices. Not only do we offer universal dispensers, but we also the ability to produce proprietary dispenser systems.

Having been in the dispenser business for over 25 years, U-Maek Dispensers understands the restroom fixture market, and have introduced new and innovative products designed to meet customers desire to minimize the impact on the environment not only reducing packaging and waste, but also reducing energy consumption, warehouse space and transportation costs.

U-Maek Dispensers values customer service, by providing quality products at competitive prices, and listening to the needs of our customers, and finding solutions to their problems.

The U-Maek team has extensive knowledge in the “away from home” towel and tissue market, designing and supplying dispensers.

Please contact us for all your dispenser needs.

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