1. What is "Select Smart Pack" hand soap?

Select Smart Pack is a 30ml odorless concentrated foam lotion soap with moisturizers, to be mixed with 800mls of water.

The soap and water are mixed in a reusable/collapsible cartridge dispensed through a manual or electronic foam soap dispenser

Select Smart Pack is an environmentally fresh way to deliver soap, reducing freight , CO2 emissions and packaging costs.

2. How many soap dispenser cartridges bags get thrown way every day?

Everyday day thousands of plastic soap cartridges, bags and pumps are needlessly thrown away with most ending up in landfills.

3. How did Select Smart Pack come about?

We created Select Smart Pack to be an environmentally friendly product focusing on taking costs and reducing waste from the Supply Chain.

Most soap products are packaged either in plastic cartridges or bags and when emptied thrown away.

So each time you needlessly throw away a cartridge like this one you are throwing away good “MONEY”!!!! plus this empty cartridge or soap bag will sooner or later end up in a landfill . . . . where it will not break down.

What is worse is that conventional cartridge or bags of soap are made up of mostly water, so you are actually paying to ship WATER.

Our challenge was to develop for you a reusable collapsible cartridge that can now be used multiple times using concentrated foam soap that when mixed with water onsite will still give you the same consistency or better than regular foam soap dispensed from regular cartridges.

4. So what is the Cost?

By simply reducing the packaging and not shipping water you the end user will save up to 40% of what you are paying now. So Select Smart Pack is both price competitive and will save you money.

5. How much labor time is needed to fill the reusable/collapsible cartridge?

Great question and here are two answers for you.

One – Upon average a soap cartridge per dispenser is changed every 2 to 3 months . . . . . depending on your traffic and local use.

Two – It takes on average less than 2 minutes of someone’s time to refill the cartridge with water, add the concentrate or just 12 minutes per Year!

6. Is it a hassle to fill?

Absolutely not  – just 3 simple steps – Remove-Refill-Replace.

7. What is the savings using Select Smart Pack compared to existing soap cartridge systems?

By reducing packaging and freight costs you save up to 40% on what you are currently spending now on conventional throw away cartridge

You also save on shipping and handling fewer cartons, warehouse and shelf space, as well as reducing the environmental impact of reduced CO2 emissions.

8. How many times can the reusable/collapsible cartridge be used?

Testing has shown that this Resuable/collapsible cartridge can be used at least 10 times.

9. How long will the pump last?

The pump has been engineered to last the life of the reusable/collapsible cartridge.

10. What is the cost of replace the reusable/collapsible cartridge?

There is a nominal cost of $3.50 per replacement cartridge plus we include a free replacement pump.

11. How many MLS of foam soap is dispensed per pump?

With each push of the pump or wave of the hand there is .7mls of foam soap dispensed which is current industry standard.

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