Soap, the Smart Way

Save money and the planet with Select Smart Pack

Introducing the Select Smart Pack Soap System, a truly innovative way to dispense soap. Our proprietary, refillable cartridge and concentrated foaming hand soap eliminate the need for bulky, disposable cartridges. Not only will this help reduce your current soap spend by up to 40% but it will help you go green!

Stop paying to ship water! Select Smart soap packs are a fraction of the
size. They are easy to ship, store and use. Stop throwing away costly
cartridges! Our cartridge is designed to be refilled and reused multiple
times. Now that’s a whole lot smarter.

More Economical. Better for the Planet. Now that’s Smart.

foaming hand soap dispenser

Luxurious Foaming Hand Soap

Select Smart Pack concentrated hand soap is a luxury foaming soap that is environmentally conscious and economical. Our package is constructed with 75% paper and comes in a convenient 2” x 4”, 30ml pack that is super small and practical.

Our gentle, fragrance free foaming hand soap is made from an exclusive blend of moisturizing extracts, the Select Smart hand soap helps nourish and soften skin while the foam wash away dirt and germs.


One Select Smart Pack of concentrated soap is equivalent to an 800 mL cartridge, providing approximately 1000 push washes.

Easy to Ship

Versus plastic bottles, Select Smart Pack takes up approximately 20% less space and is a fraction of the weight. This saves on cardboard, shrink-wrap, pallets and fuel needed to transport the product.

Wastes Less

Traditional soap cartridges leave behind approximately 20-30% of their original volume in waste. The Select Smart Pack allows full dispersal of the product, leaving behind only about 1% of the product after use.


Thanks to a significant reduction in packaging, weight, and volume, switching to to Select Smart Packs can help you reduce your CO2 emissions.

The heart of every Select Smart soap dispenser is the soap reservoir.

The Select Smart Soap Reservoir’s proprietary design is where the magic happens. It maintains a vacuum seal by collapsing during use. When opened, it pops back to full size, ready for the next refill of Select Smart Luxury-Touch concentrated soap.

One system. Two smart ways to dispense soap.

Standard Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser

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