SD30 Automatic Soap & Disinfectant Dispenser

$58.50 per unit

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Automatically dispenses soap or disinfectant with hand sensor
Foam, Gel (Liquid) and Spray type pumps for soap and disinfectant
Easy to fill with a refill capacity of 1000ml
Dispenses 0.4-0.8ml (0.4ml per 1 shot of soap)
Using time – 2500 times per 1 liter (based on 1 shot)
Battery powered: x4 “C” size Alkaline batteries (not included)
Battery life – Operates 100,000 times (different depending on battery brand)
LED lighting – Blue light flashing when the power is low (less than 4.5V)
Housing – ABS body + Aluminum alloy with anodizing finish cover
Safety auto switch – Auto power shut off when cover is opened

Size – 280mm x 130mm x 12mm (LxWxH)
Net weight: 1kg; Gross Weight: 1.5kg (excluding batteries)
1 unit/1 box – 307mm x 140mm x 128mm (LxWxH)
Units per Case: 12


Easy filling system for SD30 Touch Free Auto Soap Dispenser

Easy Filling System

The SD30 Automatic Soap Dispenser saves on cost and the environment with a simple replacement inner device. This main inner device is attachable for easy servicing and re-filling.

Multiple Uses!

The SD30 dispenser comes with Foam, Gel (Liquid) or Spray type pumps to choose from, automatically releasing soap or disinfectant at the wave of a hand.


Convenient Size for Easy Placement

The SD30 Automatic Soap Dispenser is a standard, 280mm x 140mm x 128mm (LxWxH) for easy placement in any room.


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SD30 Touch Free Auto Soap Dispenser - Graphite