Select Smart Automatic Soap Dispenser

$89.95 per unit


Stainless Steel Casing
Automatically dispenses soap with hand sensor
Produces big foamy soft cloud-like bubbles
Leak-free pump design
Long life foam pump
Easy to fill and refill
Easy to maintain
Dispenses 0.7-0.8 ml of soap
Extended battery life – 15000 drops/cycles or one year
Batteries – 4xAA (not included)

Units per Case: 6


Refillable soap cartridge

Simplicity in Design, Quality in Construction

The Select Smart Automatic Soap Dispenser pairs with Select Smart Concentrated Foaming Soap.

At the heart of each unit you will find the soap reservoir. Our proprietary design collapses the cartridge as soap is dispensed. With each release of soap, a vacuum is created ensuring reliable delivery of our foaming soap, time after time.

Reliable Hand Sensor

With each wave of the hand, the dispenser automatically releases 0.7 mL of luxurious foaming hand soap — the industry standard amount.

Our sensor is carefully calibrated to trigger the pump reliably when a hand is held below it in order to reduce excess soap drips on the counters.


Secure Locking Mechanism

A locking mechanism is built into the top of each of our stainless steel Automatic Soap Dispensers. This secures the dispensers against tampering and ensures only authorized staff are refilling the units.


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